Don't Be A Twit With Twitter!

If you are struggling with getting better reach, and engagement on Twitter we're going to talk about that. I know social media can be overwhelming. There's so much out there to know, understand, and to learn! One of the most common practices I see that actually decreases engagement on Twitter, is when people will link their Facebook page to their Twitter account. Thus allowing it to go on auto-pilot, forever feeding their Twitter feed with the same posts off of their Facebook page. Or alternatively, they are pushing out their instagram posts to their Twitter feed. But that's just one part of the problem. Those tweets only give out a couple of words in the tweet, the rest can only be viewed if the audience decides to open the link. If they do they will be taken off of Twitter to view the Tweet in full. Who's got time for that? Sure if you have a huge following that hangs off of your every word, has their notifications turned on so they don't miss a single post, you might be golden and can disregard this entire blog. But if you're still here reading this, then you and I both know you're going to have to put in some extra love for your fellow tweeps.

Now on social media, people's attention span, it's short. They're scrolling through, and you have to do something that's going to grab their attention or give them their information right there. If they constantly see your posts with a link and they have to open it, you've just decreased the likelihood of your audience engaging with your content. What you need to do is disconnect that linked Twitter account from your Facebook page, and stop sending your posts from Instagram on to Twitter. Yeah, now you're going to have to make dedicated posts on Twitter. I understand it's extra work, but if you use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer, this is going to help manage your day better and you're going to enjoy the experience that much more. Posts that have a photo, respect the context of Twitter, and are smart with using key hashtags will perform better in the Twitter feed. Sure some posts can have a link from time to time, but if you've left your Twitter on autopilot, how can you expect to build a community?

For me, I love Twitter. I love using it to engage with my audience, and to share some of my more smartass side! You also don't know where your audience is going to be spending most of their time, on which platform, or how they like to consume their information, so again it's a great piece of arsenal to have to be omnipresent on social media. Some people feel that Twitter might be dying, but for this Twitter Fan, I'll be using it to engage with my audience until it takes its last breath.