10X The Exposure of Your Business on Instagram Without Paying For Advertising


While advertising on Facebook and Instagram is still a good deal, it's great to find ways to help grow the reach of your content without paying a dime. Below I'm going to share with you how you can 10X the exposure of your business on instagram with this one simple trick.

This trick will apply to the stories section of your instagram, and it's the one thing that I'm not seeing enough businesses here in Omaha do and embrace this. Personally, I love it when people embrace new technology as it comes out. It's not your fault that you're still shy about using certain features or you don't understand it, social media changes all the time. But that's why I'm going to tell you what you can do, and how you're going to do it.

When you make a post about your business in the instagram stories you always want to make sure to tag the LOCATION of your business (location tag is in the stickers), or if you're an online based business that caters to your city where people can hire you (like a personal trainer) just location tag the city you are in. So in Omaha, for example, I am a Social Media Coach so I would just tag Omaha in my stories post, that location tagged post now has a chance of being curated by instagram into the Omaha stories. This gives it the potential to have many new eyes view my post promoting my services (I get up to 500 extra views on location tagged posts via the people who saw it in the Omaha stories).

Currently, I am not seeing a lot of businesses take advantage of this great tool. This strategy should be done often too. Not just once a day, or every other day. This should be done at least four times a day. Get used to being on social media and sharing a story, do a timeline from when your day starts to when you finish. If you're a restaurant, and if you're known for the best steaks in town, show that. Introduce some of your best chefs. If you have a bakery, show the cupcakes. If you have a salon, show the amazing before and afters that you're doing over there, and keep tagging your business in those stories! You can also use hashtags in the stories posts, and those will have the chance to show up in stories for hashtags too. Right now, a lot of people are using stories to just document their day-to-day, their pets, their kids but if you're a small business owner you should be using this to actively promote yourself for FREE. If you want more people to see your business, and what you're about, start using Instagram stories, because this is a phenomenal way to get more eyes on your business! FOR FREE! Even if you work from home, and you've got a side hustle going on, this is an excellent opportunity to do that. This is more exposure for free within your city, to help bring more awareness to your business!

If you want to bring more awareness to your business, start using instagram stories NOW. Facebook owns Instagram, and they're always looking for new ways to capitalize and make more money, so I'm going to predict that they're going to make it harder for instagram profiles that are set up as a business profile to capitalize on this. I believe that their algorithms are going to turn less in favor of business profiles for this feature, so get on it and get on it fast.

Discover The One Simple Thing You Can Do Now To 10X The Exposure of Your Business on Instagram

I get it, you're tired of crushing on other people's social media and wondering what you're doing wrong. You know you could be doing more but you just don't know what that is. You've asked friends but no one wants to spill the beans on what they've been doing.