about mindy

About Mindy

Mindy is a Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor, Professional Makeup Artist, and Social Media Management Specialist. Mindy has been involved in the Fitness Industry for over twelve years, and in that time has built up an extensive resume. Some of her past achievements include; Host of her own Podcast Show "Diva Fitness", Published Writer for several international magazines, and Cover Model. Over the years her inspiring story of overcoming personal obstacles, has helped pass the torch to people starting out on their own journey into health and fitness. Mindy is a highly sought after Fitness Model ranked by Status Fitness Magazine as #2 in their Top 100 Fitness Models. Mindy Harley’s true passion is to help others overcome their fears and develop a winning attitude with practicing a positive mindset, and to inspire others to go after their goals.

Well that was the typical third person introduction. But let's be honest here, none of us are getting out alive so why take everything so seriously? My friends lovingly call me "Minds", "Minders", "Mindu", "Minderella" so feel free to holla at me with one of those and I'll be sure to respond back! I'm from a small town in Manitoba Canada. I've moved all around North America, lived in three countries, and now call Omaha Nebraska HOME  (Homaha) with the love of my life.  I managed to drop fear out of my life decisions early on, and have moved forward in life taking HUGE risks because I've always believed the net would be there to catch me. I've lived out every goal I've set for myself and I'm still going after MORE! I consider myself an old soul and I usually have a thing for eloquently putting together my life lessons in easy to absorb blogs....or ramblings...making myself more kindred to a blonde buff Yoda or Sensei. I have a thing for Social Media, I've been called a Guru, Specialist, Whiz, but to me I'm just a big geek who loves making brands have the upper hand in that department (it's kind of my thing). I'm a bit of a hippy and believe everything happens for a reason, and if you're here reading this I believe you are HERE for a reason too! So enjoy my website, and feel free to sign up to my blogs! (You'll also get other useful FREE info, I promise!) :D